Oxygen Pro Fragrance System-30 day re-fill cartridge

Oxygen-Pro: 1-30 day re-fill cartridge - Commercial Air Freshener and Deodorizer

  • Category: Oxygen Pro Fragrance Systems


BLOOM: An exotic floral scent of night flowering jasmine, orange blossom and gardenia:



  • RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: Delivers consistent and accurate delivery of fragrance for the entire duration of the cartridge life with a simple and cost-effective technology
  • EFFECTIVE ODOR CONTROL: Contains a proprietary odor eliminator that is extremely effective against the smell of urine, feces, body odor, tobacco, pet malodor, kitchen odor, mold and mildew
  • ECONOMICAL: The Regular Cartridge works for 30 days, and is the ideal choice to replace aerosols, gels and sprays, with up to four times more fragrance than standard aerosol
  • SAFE FOR ANY FACILITY: No added solvents and no alcohols, only 100% pure fragrance oil - product is safe for use in any home, office space, and bathroom.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Does not contain any CFCs, no added VOCs or propellants, carbon footprint approved


  1. BLOOM: An exotic floral scent of night flowering jasmine, orange blossom and gardenia
  2. CRUSH: An exotic mix of pineapple, tropical fruits and coconut.
  3. GLOW: Juicy black cherries, with a hint of almond, plum, vanilla and cinnamon spice.
  4. SPA: A fresh, invigorating scent with fragrant lavender and spicy herbs. 
  5. TANG: An intensely fruity perfume with hints of orange supported by warm spices. 
  6. ADORE: sophisticated fragrance that combines fresh apple notes with amber & spices. 
  7.  AURA: A refreshing accord of aromatic lavender softened by complex water flowers and lifted with a touch of energizing citrus on top 
  8. CHARM: A fantasy melon fragrance modified with cool green notes, a hint of citrus and a slightly floral background. 
  9. SPRING: Intense floral notes of ylang, lavandin and geranium with hints of fresh cologne and lemon. 
  10. ZING: A freshly sliced, mouthwatering mandarin fragrance sweetened by lush, juicy orange. 
  11. FLAIR: A pure, clean fragrance of delicate florals and watery notes.