Direct 2 U

"We deliver the goods!"

About Us

Direct 2 U, is a paper goods delivery service that was founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs: Orlando Cardenas & Rudy Flores.

D2U’s business model is easy: “Need paper goods? It’s on the truck!” No need to send in and wait for an order, we’ll sell our products Directly 2 U! In addition to paper products Direct2U, also carries a variety of cleaning chemicals, equipment & misc. office supplies.

So if you see our D2U trucks out on the street, feel free to walk right up and purchase the items of your choice! No need to leave your business to make the dreaded “Store run” or to wait until the next delivery from your BIG NAME vendor to make their weekly delivery.

No account needed , No minimum order required , Deliveries every week ,We’ll even put away your order neatly in your store room or vehicle!

We service:
* Residential
*Mechanic Shops
* Hair/Nail Salons
* Offices
and many, many more!!!

Our Services

Paper Products

Toilet Paper Paper Towels Multi Fold Towels Dispenser Napkins Beverage Napkins Foam Carry Out Containers Foam cups Foam Plates Restaurant Supplies Brown Food Bags Foil Wrap Plastic Wrap

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Cleaning Chemicals

Toilet bowl cleaners Floor Cleaners Window Cleaners Disinfectants Dish Detergent Stainless Steel Cleaner

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Janitorial Supplies

Push brooms Dust mops Dust pans Mop handles Mop heads Mop buckets

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Office Supplies

Printer Paper Guest Checks Door Mats Trash Bags

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Food Products

Sodas Bottled Water Assorted snacks Coffee Coffee creamers Sugar packets Sugar substitute packets

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Rhino Kleen Premium Hand Cleaners

Industrial Strength Hand Cleaner Soft Foam Hand Soap Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

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Orthopedic Floor Mats Semi-circle Salon Mats Rectangular Salon Mats

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Bar Fly Bar Pro

The #1 Fruit Fly killer in America

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Barber & Hair Salon Products

We’re your one-stop-shop for professional barber and personal care products.

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Contact Us

  • 8603 Crownhill Boulevard, San Antonio, Texas, United States
  • Suite 21